Joint Civil-Military Interaction Research and Education Network

Joint Civil-Military Interaction for Crisis Response

The JCMI Network was established in 2016 by faculty members in the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies:

  • Dr. Thomas Matyok (Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University)
  • Dr. Ali Askerov (Ph.D., University of Manitoba)
  • Dr. Yuriy Loboda¬†(Dnipropetrovsk National University, Ukraine)

and adjuct experts:

  • Adjunct faculty member Stephen Henthorne (Senior Advisor to Directorate of the NATO Accredited Civil-Military Centre of Excellence)
  • Colonel R. Scott Buran, USMC (Ret) (Non-Lethal Weapons Instructor, Applied Research Laboratory, The Pennsylvania State University)
  • Mr. Sven Stauder, former graduate student in dual degree program, Deputy Director JCMI Network

In 2017, the JCMI Network extended its reach to graduate students in the Peace and Conflict Studies field. Graduate Student Fellowships are also available:

  • Kylie Stephens
  • Benjamin Grumbach