Joint Civil-Military Interaction Research and Education Network

Joint Civil-Military Interaction for Crisis Response

The JCMI Network educates, investigates and encourages engagement between civilian and military actors. For those seeking to learn more about civil-military interaction, the materials here are a great resource. Below you will find up-to-date suggestions for relevant literature. Additionally, the terms in our glossary will make clear the nomenclature and acronyms commonly used by the JCMI Network and others in both civil and military positions.

An excellent way to understand and explore issues related to civil-military interaction is to engage in trainings offered by organizations like the Civil-Military Cooperation Centre Of Excellence (CCOE). More about these trainings and other useful information can be found in our Trainings tab.
Relevant Literature:
The following publications and literature are relevant to the mission of the JCMI and provide readers with up-to-date insights on topics related to civil-military interaction as it pertains to peacekeeping and humanitarian work.



  • More than Fighting for Peace? Conflict Resolution, UN Peace Keeping, and the Role of Training Military Personnel – Curran
  • Reforming Civil-Military Relations in New Democracies – Croissant, Kuehn

Additional sources for literature relevant to Peace and Conflict Studies: